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Welcome to Solid Personal Training, where we’ve created a new breed of personal trainer. ┬áSolid trainers are highly advanced health coaches taking a multi-dimensional approach to improving people’s physical and mental wellness. Yes, we’ll kick your butt, make you feel like you have nothing left, force you to push just a bit further, and sculpt your body into an incredible work of art. We’ll also take the time to understand who you are as a human being, and craft you a system of holistic fitness and wellness. We pride ourselves in being the most effective fitness and wellness professionals in the South Bay, specializing in:

  • Corporate and In-Home Fitness and Wellness
  • Resistance and Cardiovascular Training
  • Functional Muscle Activation Training
  • Sport Specific Programming
  • Nutrition Education and Integration
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise
  • Muscle and Joint Mobility
  • Pain Relief and Injury Rehabilitation
  • Postural Correction and Ergonomics
  • Meditation and Sleep Coaching
  • In Tune Personal Development

And most importantly, we come to you!

Solid trainers travel to homes, corporate offices, small business, and outdoor venues eliminating the need for gym memberships and fees. We also know that the gym environment can be intimidating and overwhelming, and it’s important to us that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Brandon’s Message

Hi there! I’m truly excited you’ve taken the first step towards making a healthy change. I’m even more excited you’re here learning more about Solid. I built Solid Personal Training on the idea that most of us were never effectively educated on how to manage our health. We were told to run, do pushups and sit ups, lift heavy weights for sports training, eat fruits and vegetables, and think positive. Unfortunately, no one ever took the time to explain why, support us in implementation, or guide us in expanding our scope of health.

At Solid Personal Training, we aren’t in the business of simply telling you what to do and leaving you feeling uncertain and fearful of the day when you’re no longer seeing us regularly. Instead, we’re educators, providing you with the information and know-how to one day achieve results on your own.

Finally, we believe recovery and repair are just as important as training. Scientific evidence, as well as our wealth of experience, proves people lose body fat, tone muscle tissue, reduce stress, and sleep more soundly when they take time to care for their muscles and joints. At Solid, we “Make the Invisible, Visible.” We help you identify and fix dysfunctional areas of your body you never knew needed attention.

Solid Techniques – Solid Passion – Solid Results – Solid Personal Training
— Brandon Leyton, Owner

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