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Aug 14

Energy In Vs. Energy Out

Weight loss can be a frustrating battle. We’re told to ‘eat less and move more’ but that often doesn’t deliver the results we want. Everyone is different and simply eating less and moving more doesn’t consider the complex factors that affect your metabolism and determine

Aug 10

Goal Planning

When trying to form a new habit or stick to a routine, how do you make it happen? You could have the best intentions to achieve a new goal, but without proper planning, it’s highly likely you’ll fall short. Why is this? ‍‍ It’s simple to stay on

Aug 03


Solid is hitting the road again, this time at Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes to provide residents with free fitness and mobility. Starting at 8:00am, there will be two classes available to take. Adults and Families:  Adults with or without their young ones

Aug 02

Happy August!

With the summer heat in full swing, warm weather fruits and vegetables are thriving and ready to be eaten! By eating in season, you not only expose yourself to more variety, but you ensure you’re getting the freshest, most nutritious foods. ‍‍ So, when you make your weekend

Jul 20

Mommy Mobility

Begins July 26th 10:45 am Polliwog Park Amphitheater Curious about what these classes entail? Well look no further! At Solid, we call ourselves, “a new breed of personal trainer.” As our healthcare system continues to become more of a disease care system, we feel it’s our job to provide