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Jul 14

Water and Fat Loss

Did you know that staying hydrated helps with fat loss? Sure a healthy diet and proper exercise help too, but by drinking enough water every day, you’ll achieve your fitness goals much faster. Why is this? The answer is your metabolism. To carry out normal every

Jul 10

Stay in Control of Your Hunger

How many meals do you eat a day? For some people it’s only two meals, where others eat up to six or more. While six might seem like a large number, when you eat smaller, more frequent meals your blood sugar (glucose) levels stay

Jul 06

An Alternative Solution to Joint Pain

Do you or someone you know crack their joints? For instance, pulling your neck from side to side to get a long set of pops down your spine. Whether it’s because it feels good or because it’s an old habit, for the sake of

Jun 29

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

We realize this is a time for barbecues, friends, and beers, which means that fitness and wellness goals are often forgotten. However, the key to consistency is being able to remember your commitment to the goals you set, no matter the environment. When you go

Jun 25

Is Stretching Your Only Option For Pain Relief?

While stretching can reduce pain and inflammation within a muscle or around a joint, at Solid we also utilize mobilization techniques to achieve the same results. ‍‍ Often times, people stretch to reduce the tension they feel in their back, hips, shoulders,