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Jun 18

What’s a Macronutrient?

Current research now tells us healthy eating is much more than solely counting calories. This is because other factors such as your body type and macronutrient ratio play a large role in your calorie composition. ‍‍ As a human race, we can be divided into three body

Jun 11

The Importance of Measuring Your Heart Rate

Exercise is unique for every individual for a multitude of reasons, one being that we all have different corresponding heart rates for certain physical demands. That is why we always have our clients track their heart rates during exercise, especially during interval training.

Jun 04

Solid in the Community

Come see Solid present at the Best Western Plus in Manhattan Beach as a part of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Thursday Night Social on June 29th! ‍‍ We’ll be sharing with the community the importance of preventative fitness and wellness and how we’re changing